Heart failure progresses primarily through fibrosis and adverse remodeling as a result of cardiac injury or stress. ST2 is a biomarker that, unlike natriuretic peptides or troponin, uniquely reflects this pathway. ST2 changes rapidly with the patient’s underlying condition. ST2 allows clinicians to identify patients at highest risk for an adverse event. And unlike natriuretic peptides, ST2 is not affected by confounding factors, i.e., age, BMI, and renal function. In short, ST2 helps clinicians provide focused, personalized care.

Aspect reader™

  • RFID for automatic upload of lot specific information
  • Factory calibrated
  • Internal reader check on every initialization
  • QC lockout
  • LIS connectivity
  • Built-in printer


  • CV: 14.2%* **
  • Analytical Sensitivity: 12.5 ng/ml*
  • Linear up to 257 ng/mL
  • Sample: 35 μL EDTA plasma
  • Integrated Quality Control with each test cassette
  • RFID with each test cassette containing lot specific information
  • Single cutpoint: 35ng/mL

Simple. Fast. Accurate. Actionable.

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