ST2 is a soluble protein expressed by the heart in response to disease or injury. It is reflective of ventricular remodeling and cardiac fibrosis. Unlike many other cardiac biomarkers, ST2 levels change rapidly and in response to changes in the patient’s condition—thus helping physicians make informed decisions on an appropriate course of treatment and, if needed, to quickly adjust care. The ASPECT-LF ST2 Test allows you to quickly assess prognosis of your heart failure patients by measuring their ST2 through a non-invasive fingerstick.

Aspect–LF™ ST2 Test

The ASPECT-LF is a qualitative rapid test for the measurement of ST2 in fingerstick whole-blood.

The ASPECT-LF is used to:

  • Risk-stratify patients with heart failure
  • Risk-stratify patients with acute coronary syndrome
  • Assess risk of developing heart failure in apparently healthy individuals


  • Uses 40μL fingerstick whole-blood
  • Results in under 20 minutes.
  • Improve clinical work-flow by rapidly risk stratifying your patients and enable the delivery of appropriate and timely medical care that positively impact outcomes.


ASPECT-LF ST2 Test Kit Contents

  • ASPECT-LF ST2 Cassette (10)
  • ASPECT-LF Buffer (1)
  • ASPECT-LF Result Card (1)
  • ASPECT-LF Instructions for Use (1)

Catalog Number: LF1065

The ASPECT-LF ST2 Test is not yet CE Marked. It is not available for sale in the U.S.